Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Welcome to Barris Kustom City!! New Site..Vintage Images

So when Brett Barris and I were working on the Barris DVD I kept bugging him that we need to do a site the mainly reflects on early Barris images and Merchandise.. everything that the Hollywood Barris site dose not have... We wanted it to be a place that people can check out our blog every week with updates and history as we dive into 1000's of images..it's image Archive that will blow your mind as we keep adding to it.. It will be a place to get limited edition prints that will vary in sizes from 8X8 to 12X14 that are really high end prints that will be framed.. Not some color printer crap real photo lab stuff!! This will also be a market place for all that is Vintage Barris.. We have the DVD and the Photo book that Brett is working on now along with Tee Shirts that we are commissioning Artist to do designs as well as reintroducing early Barris Logos and Designs..

So I built the site and will be running it and taking care of the merch.. along with Brett..
So we hope you like it!!


We will be adding content all the time so follow us on Twitter  / Face Book

Just a small taste for whats to come...

Check www.madfabricators.com Also I redid my site too!!!

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