Sunday, January 23, 2011

BEST OF MAD FABRICATORS: Bob Bleed and burnt tires!

In 2002 I picked up an issue of Hot Rod Deluxe and read a story about this guy who had this Hot Rod that was in his family for 50 years.. and I was blown away with how cool this car was. Around that time I joined the HAMB and while I was reading some post one came up about a family survivor and sure enough it was that car again. After reading this Bob Bleeds post I could tell that he was not all about the scenester stuff. He was a true hot rodder! BoB and Germ were always cracking me up. And any time someone references Slayer or Ozzy rule in my book. So in 2003 I started thinking about what to shoot for Mad Fabricators Volume 1 and after filming some local stuff I contacted this Bob Bleed guy and see if he wanted some dude from California to come out and film his story and he was cool with it. So a few months later I hopped on a plane to Wisconsin and landed at the airport. I waited for half hour and started to worry.. I'm in Wisconsin..I don't know anyone,I don't know where I am and I don't know this Bob guy he could of just forgot about me and I'm stranded. All of the sudden I hear this roaring motor and see this awesome green roadster pull around the corner and there it is the car I read about and this Bob Bleed character. I get in and say "hey whats up dude nice to meet you".. Yeah nice to meet you to he responded. And we roll. We head out to check out his shop and had some good laughs like we new each other for years when all of the sudden Bob say's "Hey we should go across the street and do some donuts" I'm always down for that.. so we did and after that I could of packed up and gone home. It was crazy! Here is this guy beating the shit out of this car that been in his family for 50 years.

Over time we became really good friends and I consider him to be a part of my family and the truth is Mad Fabricators would not be shit if it weren't for Bob. I always credit him as Co-Director but in reality he is allot more than that. He would take time out of his busy schedule to film stuff with me and line up some of the coolest things to go shoot. We had some great times! We tore up that parking lot across from the shop!

On top of the car related stuff Bleed the band is major part of the Mad Fab DVD's. He supplied many a soundtrack and again making Mad Fab that much cooler!

Thanks Buddy for all the good times and all you have done for me.. and looking forward to more!

You'll be seeing more of Bob and our Mad Fab antics in the Best Of Series.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Online Series - The Best Of Mad Fabricators!

It's a new year and a new start for Mad Fabricators! We are now in HD and ready to start to shooting volume 6. Soon we will be traveling cross country and shooting some of the coolest cars built now and of course a bunch of survivors. More on that later!

In the mean time we will be posting "Best Of" Scenes from previous Mad Fabricators DVD's! this includes Pin-ups, Car Shows, Races, Survivors, Builds and some of the craziness that happened in between.

I figured I would start this off with one of the earliest pieces I did.. Viva Las Vegas 2003 Had a blast that year! So enjoy and look out for next weeks clip!